What is Lucana Aero?

Designed for it

Designed and built specially to enable Robotic drilling and countersinking in airframe


  • CFRP
  • CRRP painted
  • Aluminum white
  • Aluminum green


All following regardless to surface, blank, hole, countersink or fastener

  • Normality Rx Ry
  • Hole center X Y Z
  • Hole Internal Diameter
  • Hole Countersink Outer Diameter
  • Fastner head X Y Z Rx Ry for global alignment

Benefits for Customer

Ready to go solution

Proven solution that works out of the box.

No Vision Skills required

Free you best engineers for other tasks!


Fits inside drill head(Zagar drillhead or Custom)

On the spot

On-the-spot measurement and guidance

  • Measures right where the drill bit is
  • minimizes robot motion error

How do we Differ?

Full XYZ Rx Ry ID OD!

Our system takes into account all off-axis mis-aligments in your process.
We can fix your drilling Rx and Ry and get rid of typical drilling process inaccuracies.

No Calibration!

Sensor are calibrated on factory and no step is required at your plant

No Programming

Stop wasting time fine tuning vision algorithms

High Sensitivity

Update your process to best achievable accuracy on the market.

  • 0.0005”
  • 0.02 Degree


Data Value
Sensitivity 0.0005” 0.02 Degree

Talks to any robot/automated system

  • Kawasaki
  • Kuka (xml)
  • Fanuc
  • ABB
  • Comau
  • ...custom


  • Zagar